The Foundation offers scholarships ranging from $250 to $5,000 for both incoming and current Moraine Valley students.


Scholarships are based on a variety of qualifications, such as:

  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Personal achievement
  • Financial need
  • Leadership skills
  • Community involvement
  • Programs and fields of study
  • Specific populations


While many scholarships require students to complete a FAFSA form, 没有完成学业的学生也可以获得一些奖学金.

如果您在7月1日之前收到奖励,您将在您的学生电子邮件帐户中收到通知. If you applied for a scholarship last year, you must apply again, as each year all applications are cleared and the process starts again Feb. 1.

You may apply for scholarships at any time throughout the year. However, 申请期间的奖学金数量最多,从2月1日开始. 1 through May 10.

Incoming New Students

  • In order to fill out a scholarship application, 你必须完成了冰碛谷入学申请,并有学生证号码.
  • 完成联邦学生援助申请(FAFSA)对学生有利(了解更多关于FAFSA的信息), click here).
  • Click here for more information on admission to Moraine Valley.

Current Students

  • Click on the Apply For Moraine Valley Scholarships button below.
  • Click on the blue sign-on button in the upper right corner. 一旦您登录,您的学生信息将被过滤到您的应用程序中.
  • 回答一些额外的问题,奖学金计划将自动为您匹配可用的奖学金.
  • If there are additional scholarships you may be eligible for, 您将收到一封电子邮件,指示您返回系统以回答其他问题.

申请奖学金最重要的一个方面是你的论文. 这篇300- 500字的短文让你有机会表达你将如何从获得基金会奖学金中受益,以及你认为评选委员会应该考虑你的原因.

The college’s Speaking and Writing Center can help you with this crucial component of the application.

For questions about the scholarship process, contact Patti Mehallick.

Additional Scholarships

此外,还有来自冰碛谷社区学院基金会的奖学金, there are several scholarships funded by faculty, staff or departments on campus.

这些奖学金有一个单独的申请过程,在下面的每一个描述中都有概述. 点击或点击下面的附加奖学金框查看所有可用的机会.

Jean M. Glockler Memorial Scholarship
Established by the Moraine Valley Adjunct Faculty Organization (M.V.A.F.O.), 这些奖学金为在冰碛谷社区学院的教育相关费用提供资金.
Amount: Up to $500, depending on funds and qualified applicants
Eligibility: 开放给在职学生(每学期少于11个学分)谁已经参加了冰碛谷至少两个学期, excluding summer school, and have accumulated six credit hours; are currently enrolled at Moraine Valley and have maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA.
Pickup/Drop-off Location: Online Application
More Information: Contact Scholarship Chair Richard Niezgoda

Named in memory of the former dean of Allied Health, Public Service and Nursing, this scholarship can be used for tuition, fees, books, and transportation at Moraine Valley, as funds permit.
Amount: $500
Eligibility: Must be district resident, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, be currently enrolled in an Allied Health or Nursing Program, 成功修满12个学分,平均绩点不低于3.0.
Applications Available: Year-round. Only this form will be accepted for this scholarship.
Pickup/Drop-off Location: Financial Aid Office (S107)
More Information: Contact the Financial Aid Office at (708) 974-5726

这项奖学金颁发给在学业上表现优异的地区高中生. It can be used for 15 credit hours of in-district tuition.
Amount: Equivalent tuition dollar amount for in-district tuition.
Eligibility: 必须是冰碛山谷地区的居民,并且在第七或第八学期结束时,高中毕业班的累计排名在前10%以内.
Pickup/Drop-off Location: High school counseling offices
More Information: Contact the Financial Aid Office at (708) 974-5726

这些奖学金由冰碛谷学院协会资助,可用于支付学费等大学费用, books and fees at Moraine Valley. Several scholarships are awarded each semester.
Amount: Up to $500, dependent on funds and number of qualified applicants
Eligibility: 开放给全日制或兼职学生谁已经完成了25学分的转学或职业计划在冰碛谷, maintained at least a 3.4 GPA, are currently enrolled, have obtained the signature of a full-time faculty member, 并在奖学金颁发的学期就读于冰碛谷大学.
Applications Available: Year-round
Deadline: Fall deadline Dec. 20, Spring deadline is May 5.
More Information: Contact Shanya Gray at (708) 608-4380 and (Room S202)

Apply Online

This scholarship, available every semester, 是由冰碛谷学生政府协会赞助的,可以用来在大学书店购买大学书籍. Full- or part-time students may apply.
Amount: $200
Eligibility: Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be currently enrolled at Moraine Valley. 提交一封教职员工或冰碛谷工作人员的推荐信.
Applications Available: Year-round
Pickup/Drop-off Location: Student Life Office (Room U115). Applications are available on the Student Life page within MVConnect under Forms.
Deadline: Varies by semester. Contact Student Life Office.
More Information: Contact Dean of Students, Kent Marshall, at (708) 974-5390 or 

This scholarship, 可以用来继续你在冰碛谷社区学院的学习, 是颁发给冰碛谷学生生活项目的杰出参与者吗.
Amount: $1000
Eligibility: Must be involved in Student Life Office program(s) and have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, with completion of at least six credit hours per semester. 必须完成论文并提供两封由冰碛谷学院教员提供的推荐信吗, staff or administration.
Applications Available: Starting every March
Deadline: every April
Pickup/Drop-off Location: Contact the Student Life Office (Room U115)

这些奖学金为学习成绩优异的学生提供资金,供他们接受各种教育. Awards are funded by Moraine Valley's Support Staff Association.
Amount: $200-$300, dependent on funds and number of qualified applicants
Eligibility: 必须在冰碛谷完成15学时,保持至少3.0 GPA, and have obtained a recommendation by a Moraine Valley faculty member.
Applications Available: Year-round.
Pickup/Drop-off Location: Financial Aid Office (S107)


Scholarship Amount: Varies $500 to $1,000

Eligibility: 开放给学生目前注册或计划参加无损检测计划的下一届会议谁是良好的信誉.

Application submission: Application may be found online or from the Nondestructive Testing faculty. Please return this completed application to the Moraine Valley Foundation, 9000 College Parkway, Building M, Room M220, Palos Hills, IL 60465 or email it to Patti Mehallick at

Deadline: Please note this scholarship will remain open until awarded.

More information: Contact Patti Mehallick at (708) 974-5551 or

Outside Scholarships

这里列出的奖学金不是由冰碛谷社区学院或其基金会提供的.  These scholarships are offered by outside organizations such as clubs, businesses, charities, and special interest organizations. Explore more scholarship opportunities outside of Moraine Valley.